Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some girls like talking trash, my girls like cutting corners

Met up with my lovely friends Friday night for dinner, show, and dancing. Fun adventures and laughing way too hard. Good times fo sho. We hit up Spaceland just in time to catch Rocket. We saw them together the first time when they opened up for Morningwood at the Roxy back in 2006. Then, I saw them a few times after that. Who doesn't like power pop cute girl bands? I even have both their EPs. Hehe, yes I do. Back to Spaceland, Rocket now has a new lineup (drummer and guitarist). But they were sounding better than ever. I'm not just saying that. You can tell they really grew and kicked it up a notch. They totally killed it. Lauren looked super cute in her leopard print cat suit. My super talented musician friend and I were blown away by their new drummer. We are in love with her.

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