Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some girls like talking trash, my girls like cutting corners

Met up with my lovely friends Friday night for dinner, show, and dancing. Fun adventures and laughing way too hard. Good times fo sho. We hit up Spaceland just in time to catch Rocket. We saw them together the first time when they opened up for Morningwood at the Roxy back in 2006. Then, I saw them a few times after that. Who doesn't like power pop cute girl bands? I even have both their EPs. Hehe, yes I do. Back to Spaceland, Rocket now has a new lineup (drummer and guitarist). But they were sounding better than ever. I'm not just saying that. You can tell they really grew and kicked it up a notch. They totally killed it. Lauren looked super cute in her leopard print cat suit. My super talented musician friend and I were blown away by their new drummer. We are in love with her.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm a fool to think that you could ever be that true

Now just think for a minute what you say
and think about what you've done
and I'll think about your other girls
and how I want to be the only one

Lately, I've been listening to "I'm a Fool" by Letters to Cleo on serious repeat. I love Kay Hanley's voice. And there was this picture of a girl that just seemed a little sad, and I was feeling a bit confused, and this song haunting me, that's where I drew my inspiration to draw this. I know I haven't been doing any illustrations lately. Been busy. Wish I had more time to do stuff I actually want to do.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I fear I'm only tin and plastic, speaking in static

Ellei Johndro (of Shadowscene fame) had a photo exhibit titled "Fragments and Figmentations" at the Downtown Standard Hotel on Thursday. My Shadowscene experience would be several years ago, back when she was the resident photographer for Franki Chan's Tuesday night parties at the now defunct Safari Sam's. I don't know what it was, but those were seriously the best parties I've been to. The bands, the DJs, the crowd (in the beginning), were wonderful and just right. Seems like so long ago now. I can talk about those days on another post. Well, I sure hope you've never seen my pictures from that time shot by Miss Shadowscene herself. Now here are my pictures from her party.

Friday, April 17, 2009

What if someone says you're no one, are you with me?

Last Wednesday, my friends and I went to the Paper Magazine Beautiful People party at MyHouse in Hollywood. Everyone was indeed very beautiful and super stylin'. However, I did notice tons of well-dressed boys/men. The venue was really nice, the interior and layout. Except, my friends and I kept getting nervous that there were so many stairs or steps everywhere. We couldn't imagine what it looks like on a regular night when people get drunk and are wearing 5inch heels or something. Speaking of drunk, it was a fantastic open bar with Skyy infusions, only thing is I don't drink. But, it's okay. I still had lots of fun spending time with two awesome girls and people watching and getting inspired. Oh, and running into many familiar and friendly faces!

Abe Vigoda performed

Long time no see Franki

These guys had impeccable style.

Guess who?

Afterwards, we headed on over to In-n-Out because we were all hungry. We were about done eatting when I noticed Peaches and her friend come sit at a table near us. They were so cute and posed for pictures for me! She was in town, on her way to Coachella.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The ruin will do in your talented mind

Since HOB is notoriously known for their no-camera policy, I didn't even try to sneak in a camera. Instead, I took crappy cell phone pictures. But, it's better than nothing. Last Friday, went to see OK Go at the HOB Anaheim. The bouncer dude gave me a hard time because he thought my ID was fake. He started bending and scratching it. It made me mad. Go get your freaking card reader. And he was not friendly. But seeing Damian made everything better in the end. Their new songs are really good! I can't wait for the new album. Go here to see older posts of them. I saw them perform 5 times and saw some of them out and about many times. So good to have them back.

Oh, and I think they look fabulous in their Banana Republic ads. Think BR was smart to get them. Have you seen the huge billboards on the Sunset Strip and the other one on Robertson? Yeah, it's like they're always with me, or watching me. Haha... But I will still never forget seeing Tim and Damian shopping at the Paul Smith store several years ago.

inside the Beverly Center BR store

in front of the Chateau Marmont on Sunset

on Robertson

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our glory days are gone. Let it rain.

Two bands that I really like played Club NME Spaceland last week. If you go to as many shows as I do, it becomes harder to feel impressed. However, I left this show feeling like "omg, finally". I really enjoyed this show. It's been a while since I've left a show feeling that way. But then again, what else would I expect from Bloodcat Love and Living Things. Two amazing bands that I've seen many times before, and yet I still never get bored. Check out previous posts for BCL here and here. The new album "Habeas Corpus" is really good (love "Let It Rain") and the Living Things are on tour, so I suggest you check them out in your town. Really good rock and roll. Bloodcat Love will be coming out with their brand new album shortly. Look out for that as well. I have the biggest crush on BCL. I've even considered dedicating a post to Myles, but haven't gotten around to it. Think they are my new muses. I know I have some old photos I haven't posted on this blog, so I guess I will pull from the archives for that one.

Living Things

Bloodcat Love

White Arrows