Friday, October 12, 2012

Late like the evening sun, I sink to the ground

I started listening to Morning Parade and I wanted to see them.  Earlier this year, they played the Echo and Troubadour with Walk The Moon, who I'm not that familiar with, but unfortunately, both shows were sold out.  I was kind of bummed but was happy when they were added to the bill at this year's Culture Collide Festival.  After the outdoors block party ended, it was pretty trying to get back into Taix. Morning Parade was scheduled to play the Front Lounge, which there was a line to get into due to capacity issues.  I finally got inside and was crammed in there.  While waiting for the band to end, I checked my twitter and found out that Morning Parade had moved to the Champagne Room.  There was no official announcement made, so I'm not sure how else I would've found out.  Thank goodness I checked my twitter when I did or else I would've missed them!  We hurriedly rushed out and into the Champagne Room.  Morning Parade played such an awesome set.  You could seriously feel the energy.  The crowd can really tell if you're giving it your all or just running through it.  Morning Parade really put on a great set, the crowd loved it.  They were also on my list of must-see bands from this festival, and they did not disappoint.

I was able to shoot some video because I wanted to capture their energy and awesome live performance.  I really tried to do a good job, but sorry for the shaky shots, I couldn't stop myself from dancing.  Haha...

Stay with me, stay with me

The Wombats - Crazy to think that I saw The Wombats back in 2007 at Spaceland.  Cherub was there, too.  They played old and new songs at the Culture Collide Festival Sunday block party, and the crowd enjoyed dancing and singing along to them.

Gold Fields

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Such confusion of a beauty, the poison for the lonely

TRIBES.  Easily one of my new favorite bands.  I kept hearing their songs and really liked them.  Bought the album, and so glad I did because it's such a solid full album.  I can listen to it all the way through, anytime.  Beautiful music.  Their new album is coming out early next year.  They're already done recording it.  "Baby" was so perfect that I'm kind of nervous and excited about the new album.  I'm not sure how much more perfect it can get.  So, I will wait in joyous anticipation.  I'm sure it'll blow me away. They played at Filter Magazine's Culture Collide festival.  It's always a treat to hear all your favorite songs live and sing along with other awesome fans.

Monday, October 08, 2012

I wish I was someone better

Blood Red Shoes.  I've been wanting to see them for a while now.  I missed their show earlier this year at the Bootleg.  So I was glad to check them out for the first time at this year's Filter Magazine's Culture Collide Festival in Echo Park.  They played a great loud, energetic set.  The crowd was filled with happy fans.  Half way through their set, though, the power went out.  I got worried there for a minute, but they were able to fix the problem, and on with the show.  So good.  You must check them out if you're not a fan already.