Sunday, December 22, 2013

Like you do

MONA - Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA - 11/26/13

Photos by Youngest Indie

MONA was back in town, playing songs from their latest album, Torches & Pitchforks.  Another solid album from these guys.  They sound amazing live, so it was great to see them again.  Besides that, perks include a cover of The Cranberries "Zombie", and we just love when they start with "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" before going into "Lean Into the Fall".  Yes.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

All moments meant to pass

Against Me! - Troubadour / Los Angeles, CA - 11/18/13

It was an amazing sold out show filled with die-hard fans who were super happy to be there, with plenty of stage-divers, crowd surfers, loud sing-alongs, and sweat.  A proper punk show indeed.  Also, excited about the addition of Atom Willard and Inge Johansson.  Check them out on tour in January 2014 in the U.S.  The new album "Transgender Dysphoria Blues" is available for pre-order now.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Beat on the brat

Marky Ramone with Andrew W.K. - The Fonda Theater, Hollywood, CA 10/15/13

Sorry, I didn't really take good shots, but thought I'd share the experience with you anyway.  This was the most fun dance party I've been to.  Too much dancing for me, took days to recover.  During the encore, when he sang "What a Wonderful World" Joey version, I almost teared up.  I love the Ramones, I wish they had experienced way more love and success when they were alive, and wish they were all healthy and happy and lived longer lives.  Anyways, Andrew W.K. was entertaining and a ball of energy like always, he did a great job, and Marky Ramone just drummed away, and didn't act like a star or legend.  I adore Marky from watching Rock and Roll High School too many times.  I feel like a giddy teenager when I watch that movie.  I'm not sure how old I am.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Melody Calling

The Vaccines - Mayan Theater, Downtown Los Angeles, CA - 9/22/13
Photos by Youngest Indie

I love going to the Mayan Theater because it's gorgeous and historic.  Always reminds me of Rock and Roll High School!!!!!  And spent a lot of my youth in Downtown L.A.  Good show, with epic disco ball during the encore.  We bought the Mountain Manor x Vaccines t-shirt, that came with a cute canvas pouch.  It feels just like yesterday I heard their song on NME Radio and took me months to figure out who it was by, and then, was lucky enough to see them at Spaceland.  I'm very happy with how much they've grown and evolved, and can't wait to see much more from them.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pleased to meet you

Some time last week, I was very lucky because I just happened to be sitting in front of my computer when the Wolfmother at Troubadour show was announced, so I was able to purchase my tickets immediately.  Well, it sold out in about an hour, and a second show the following Monday was added, which also sold out.  Then, the band booked several more shows in California, and those all sold out as well!  Not surprised, really.  This past Monday at the first awesome show at Troubadour, the band said they hadn't played the States in three years!  Oh, how time flies, and oh, how we still love their music.  Wolfmother played to a packed house, where you were able to really feel the energy and excitement.  They opened with "Dimension".  It was one of those happy shows, where the fans were pleased, and the band sounded better than ever, and the music was loud.  Just pure rock and roll.  A great way to show everyone that Wolfmother is back.

Wolfmother - Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA

Photos by: "Youngest Indie"