Monday, May 26, 2008

Are you well in the suffering

I am dealing with the loss of two coworkers who were killed in a terrible hit and run accident. They were hit while walking on the sidewalk right outside work last Friday evening. I can't believe it's been over a week now. Absolutely heartbroken and sad. Doesn't make any sense to me. The shock and sadness have faded, and now I just don't understand anymore. And I'm also very angry. They were both humble hardworking beautiful people who were designers as well, aspiring and working hard to see their time to shine. Don't feel like posting anything, or doing anything creative at the moment. Just dealing.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

All I know is that I've got frustration frustration

I had one of the most stressful hard weeks at work this week. It was pretty bad. It got to the point where I wasn't even talking about it. Like I didn't even wanna get into it or explain all the things I had to do, all the responsibilities stressing me out. Wednesday was the worst. Fighting the clock, and trying to get things done in time to ship out for a meeting in NY. Omg, seriously. So Thursday morning, before getting into my daily grind, I checked out and read a post that Hot Hot Heat was going to play the Grove that evening! I had to contain myself, it was hard. Didn't want to scream in my cubicle. No, wouldn't want that. I was so excited and overjoyed. I felt rewarded for all the hard work I did that week all by myself because my team was in NY. I was so happy to see Hot Hot Heat again. It was a free show to promote Canadian tourism. Thought they would do a short set, but no! It was a full set, about an hour I think. So happy. What an unexpected wonderful surprise. You don't even know how much I love them. **Forgot to add that when I first saw the stage set up, I was like, oh no, the water. I thought I might have to jump in there and yell out "Steve!" (a la Jenny in Forrest Gump at the National Mall scene).
Hot Hot Heat @ The Grove 5.8.08

Last weekend, I did a little cleaning again. These are things I did in my drawing class in high school. I've been holding onto them for a long time, but I decided it's time I let them go. I just don't have room any more. Even if I did, I don't think it means that much to me. So I just threw them away. It was mostly charcoal portraits of classmates, drawing exercise, or color pencil crosshatching.

**In other news, I hope everyone is celebrating Mother's Day! This morning, I hurt my toe. Really bad. Thought it might be broken, but I was able to move it. It immediately started to get swollen. Now it's swollen and purple and painful. Can't really walk on it either. :(

**The Dhamma Brothers. My mom wanted to watch it so I took her to see it yesterday. It's showing for one week only at the Sunset Laemmle. I enjoy watching documentaries. You should watch it. It's about Vipassana Meditation as treatment in prisons. Needless to say, I cried a lot. My mom was like "this girl just started crying in the beginning of the film." Watching the film got me depressed.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

sorry guys...

My home computer is sick and at the hospital. It's been over a week now and it's so frustrating! I just hope all my files are safe and it's nothing huge. I've had so many things I wanted to post here, but it'll have to wait!

**In other news, I checked out the Americana. It's okay. I can tell they rushed to open because they are missing a few important details here and there. The worst part is that it was so ridiculously crowded!! You're not missing out on much, I'd wait til all the crazy crowds die down a little. Katsuya looked amazing. Barney's Co-Op is a dream. I love H&M but I didn't like this one. Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters are really small and disappointing. Not as much selection as the Grove or Santa Monica. I saw a really cute thing: Good Humor ice cream truck with the classic ice cream man in uniform and all.