Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Life Less Ordinary

Saw ASH at The Echo!  This was such an awesome show.  It definitely was one of those shows that made me feel so happy.  So many great songs, so lucky to listen to them live, and so cool to see them perform.  They had so much energy and really rocked, and seemed super happy, too.  This was actually my first time seeing them.  And I just wish they'd come back very soon because I had such a great time and I love their music.  There was also a super cool dude dressed in a Robin costume that was moshing and Tim Wheeler thanked.  Dancing to "Kung Fu" was fun.  Hearing "Girl From Mars" was surreal and awesome.  Oh, one thing, Mr. Wheeler, I really wanted to hear "Wild Surf".  Perhaps next time?

(Excuse the writing, I've been working very hard on a project for weeks and I'm so exhausted, my blog-writing- show-experience-review mojo is lacking right now.  But just enjoy the pictures and go listen to some ASH right now!  That works!)  

ASH / Deaf Havana - The Echo / January 31, 2014

Deaf Havana

Tim Wheeler as a shining light.  Literally.