Saturday, August 27, 2011

Strange behaviour

Damndogs play "doom disco" that you can dance to in your glitter boots.  They're a band from Melbourne, Australia and did a mini-tour throughout Southern California. I discovered them just in time to see two of their shows. They totally rock out and are super cool. Check out their tunes on their website.

Harvard and Stone, Hollywood

Whiskey Blue at W Hotel Westwood LA
(sorry for the quality, really dark, and I'm still learning how to use my camera properly)

I can't think of anything to dream about

Do you look into the mirror to remind yourself you're there

Sunday, August 14, 2011

When you wake up you will find me

LA summer has not been the same since global warming got worse. It hasn't been really hot. Nice and warm, but not hot. And now it feels like fall is just around the bend. Sigh. Nevertheless, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous here. This is a recap of the past few weeks. I basically ate good food a lot. I loved Cham Bistro so much that I went back again the next weekend. Same with Carmela. Their most popular ice cream flavor is Salted Caramel, which is lovely, but I loved their Brown Sugar Vanilla. They also have Rose Petal flavor. Then, I forgot to go to the Street Art Exhibit at MOCA, so we went the day before the last day of the exhibit. I took lots of photos, but I had mixed feelings about it. More on that later, maybe. I enjoy most street art, but I thought this was over the top and some parts were unnecessary. I also hit up Amoeba on "new music Tuesday" to pick up my copy of SKYING. Then, dinner at Umami Burger. We sat outside and Space15Twenty was doing an outdoor summer movie night. They were showing "The Fifth Element", fashionably famous for costumes designer by Jean Paul Gaultier. Umami was yum. Later in the week, I went to the LA premiere of the Jay Reatard documentary "Better Than Something". Known for his crazy and violent live shows, you would never really know how brilliant, articulate, passionate, and intelligent he was. I connected with his music at such a personal level that I was just so heart broken when I found out about his passing. I remember that night so clearly. I'm still sad about it. I'm a big fan of his. There was a q&a with the filmmakers afterwards, and basically it started out as being a sort of an EPK to promote "Watch Me Fall", which turned into a documentary after his death. This theater shows the most amazing selections. I'm in love. Afterwards, we walked down Fairfax to Canter's for phosphate. Chilly or warm, summer evenings are awesome.

Cham Bistro

Carmela Ice Cream

Honey Vanilla Latte @ Urth Caffe

Street Art Exhibit at MOCA Geffen Contemporary Museum

Amoeba Records

Umami Burger

"Better Than Something" Documentary screening at Silent Movie Theater

Canter's Deli

Saturday, August 06, 2011

You could be my destiny. You can mean that much to me.

I first heard "Get Away" and that song instantly caught my attention. Then, I heard it was by Yuck. Luckily for us, "Get Away" is not the only good song by them. I am absolutely in love with "Shook Down". This is one of my favorite live videos of them that I often watch over and over on YouTube. Also, I have this song on repeat. I slowly got past that obsession and found all their other songs to be equally wonderful and lovely, such as "Suck", "Operation", "Georgia", and "The Wall". Seems like I am in love with their entire album. After many missed chances to see them (they had previously played LA at the Echo and Satellite), I finally got to see them at the Troubadour where they played an awesome set to a sold out house. Their songs make me sigh. The soft guitar picking and fuzzy sounds tug at parts of my heart with a bittersweet sadness.