Saturday, August 29, 2009

But I don't understand the seaweed and the sand

I hung out here instead of going to Sunset Junction. It was super nice because they played good music. Since I don't get drunk and stuff, it's really annoying and kills the mood if bad music is playing. But, if there's good music blasting out the speakers on a beautiful sunny Saturday at the Standard, there's nothing quite like it. Especially if Mr. Myles Hendrick happens to be your DJ. He's such an icon.

Turn my troubles into gold

I've heard of Hockey for a while. Even before their JCP deal. Actually, I was a little surprised to see the JCP deal since I think I first heard them either on KCRW or WOXY, I forget. Few weeks ago, their song was blasting at the Gap. But, here they are now. I guess it's not too far of a stretch, since their sound is pretty poppy and would certainly appeal to the masses. Nothing wrong with that. I like their songs so I went to see them at the Echo. I was supposed to go to the Troubadour show, but it was after work and I was tired and can't stand long lines and free shows anymore. Lots more posts to come. I've been very busy lately at work and stuff. Oh, yeah and please notice the black faux fur covered drum set.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No they don't give it back to fools

I remember I was having a moody Saturday and I thought if I didn't go out for some air, I'd probably feel even more miserable. So I ended up going to the Getty Center for the last summer Saturdays off the 405 show. The Dodos played. DJ Turquoise Wisdom spun his records. I ran into Ryan (Test Your Reflex, No Country). I literally hadn't seen him in years. Oh, and there was a cute guy that stood next to me during The Dodos set that I really wanted to talk to but I chickened. Anyways, I'm feeling bummed because the weather in LA is cooling down and feels like summer is ending. Which is weird because it's August so it should still be hot.

The Dodos

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Now it's raining so hard I can't see my own tears

You've given me reason to put trust in my fears
Now I'm chasing a ghost 'cause there ain't no real thing

The Morning Benders played a "secret show" in LA. They were listed as "Big Echo" on the Echo website and on the set times list. They played mostly new songs. I could tell they were trying to do newer things with their sounds while somehow keeping their spirit. There was one song in particular that really stood out. It just really got me and I don't know why but I almost cried. Yeah. They also played some of my old favorites like "Damnit Anna" and "I Was Wrong". I don't know if they have a permanent member change or not. Anyways, the story is that the name of their upcoming album is "Big Echo". Can't wait!

Past Morning Benders show I
Past Morning Benders show II

Let's just go fly fly fly a kite

So Many Wizards @ Spaceland August 9, 2009
He sang a lot of new songs. I got to liking this band when I first heard them on the now sadly defunct Indie 103.1's Check One Two local music show. Then I saw his CD packaging and became completely enamored with it. I finally bought one for myself at the show.

Radio Frequency also played.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Are you watching me? Am I different or am I the same?

It seems like forever since I've done an illustration. There is a reason for this. And it's not that I don't want to. I probably feel happiest when I am working on an illustration. Anyways, I managed to do one this week. Pretty simple because I did it real fast. The weather in LA seems to be cooling down a bit. Feels like summer is slipping away while I go into one of my funky moods and kinda let it slip away. Do I make sense at all? No, but feeling is everything.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

All of a sudden it's a summery time

Some pictures from last weekend. Rooftop pool party was fun. Then we headed over to the Getty for Cut Chemist. It was around 6:20, you really should've seen the line of cars trying to get to the Getty. The freeway exit lane was getting backed up. We decided to give up so we got into the outer lane. It was pure luck. We got to park at the extra lot across the street. The tram line wasn't so bad, but behind us it started to grow insane. People started to just walk up that freaking hill. We got up to the Getty, it was beautiful and still light outside. I didn't plan to be front row, but there was room so we just ended up there. We Are The World opened. Their performance was artsy and refreshing. Then, Cut Chemist did his thing. It was super cool to see all the visuals coordinated with his mixing. I love summer. "All of a Sudden" by Telekinesis is a sweet summery song. You should check them out. In other news, I finally saw "Public Enemies" today and now I am even more in love with Johnny Depp. I also thought Stephen Dorff did a good job. I really liked it.

We are the World

Cut Chemist