Saturday, August 01, 2009

All of a sudden it's a summery time

Some pictures from last weekend. Rooftop pool party was fun. Then we headed over to the Getty for Cut Chemist. It was around 6:20, you really should've seen the line of cars trying to get to the Getty. The freeway exit lane was getting backed up. We decided to give up so we got into the outer lane. It was pure luck. We got to park at the extra lot across the street. The tram line wasn't so bad, but behind us it started to grow insane. People started to just walk up that freaking hill. We got up to the Getty, it was beautiful and still light outside. I didn't plan to be front row, but there was room so we just ended up there. We Are The World opened. Their performance was artsy and refreshing. Then, Cut Chemist did his thing. It was super cool to see all the visuals coordinated with his mixing. I love summer. "All of a Sudden" by Telekinesis is a sweet summery song. You should check them out. In other news, I finally saw "Public Enemies" today and now I am even more in love with Johnny Depp. I also thought Stephen Dorff did a good job. I really liked it.

We are the World

Cut Chemist

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