Monday, March 09, 2009

Call it hate, call it love, I call it art

Friday evening after work, I met up with my friend Kim to go check out Kime Buzzelli's exhibit at Space15Twenty in Hollywood. It was the opening night of her installation. I loved the set up, the colors, the rugs she chose, her t-shirts, everything was lovely. It was a great turnout, of course. I ran into Carrick! See picture below. Haven't seen him in a while. I used to go see Everybody Else back in 2006 at the Echo. Saw them few times like at Viper Room and Roxy, too. Their songs are still in heavy rotation in my car and iPod. I just love their songs so much. "Say Goodbye" is my all time favorite for some reason I don't know. And it doesn't hurt that Carrick is so dreamy. After watching Hecuba perform in the courtyard, we went to 101 Coffee Shop because we were cold and hungry. The 50/50 shake there is so good. I was super tired from working all week and not enough sleep. It was weird. I've been in a funk lately, and the exhibit was inspiring and overwhelming (we Pisces are always overwhelmed) so I got depressed. I think I'm okay now.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Nobody wants you... like I do

This week, I finally went out to see the Kogi taco truck and give it a try. I mean, no, I don't have twitter, but I've been checking out their blog. I've had two very different experiences. The first time, we arrived and the truck was already parked. The line wasn't long. Everyone was on time. It ran smoothly. Except it started raining and got cold quickly. I'd say a total of about an hour wait. Our second experience felt more like a wild goose chase. We got there early because you know, people start lining up before the truck even gets there. No one was there. I checked their twitter because I didn't sign up to get automatic updates. At first, it was cancelled, then it said they'd be there at 9:45 (original ETA was 8:30). So we went over to In-n-Out, had fries, milkshake, and coffee. We went back at 9:45ish and there were people lined up already. We all stood there in the freezing cold. Twitter said they were running late and the new ETA was now 10:40. Some people left because they were too hungry, some were too cold. A lot of us braved it through and finally at 10:40, it arrived. It's like a rockstar taco truck. Once it pulled up, people started cheering and taking pictures. Lol. I know I'm trying to be more of a vegetarian lately, but their short rib tacos and spicy pork tacos are the best. I'd highly highly recommend. So delicious. If you have no idea what I've been talking about, please go check out their website now!

Yes, this post has been labeled "art" for Chef Roy Choi and team's art. ;)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hang me up to dry

For work, we went to a denim sourcing show in Culver City. The food was excellent. Cute freebies like tote bags and cans of Izze. The rain had stopped by the time we got there. Few pictures...