Monday, June 02, 2014

Shiny Magazines

So sad that World Book and News in Hollywood is closing!  This was my go-to newsstand for NME, Lula, Jalouse, i-D (I really prefer foreign magazines over the US ones).  After Borders closed, this was the only convenient place I was able to find NME Magazine.  And Diz was such a sweet lady with mad style!  Her accessories and nails were so creative and cool, and she was so pleasant.  She recognized me every time I stopped by!  And that was also a landmark in Hollywood.  It surely will be missed.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ocean Surf Radio

Los Angeles just had a week of summer in May.  Most of last week, the temperature read 99 degrees F.  I blame global warming, obviously.  The climate change makes me sad.  The news of most of the Antarctic melting away...  Where will the penguins go...  Sorry, I'm rambling, but I really like my summers to be hot and my winters to be cold, but not too cold.  I get confused when it feels like August in May.  

Ok, the real reason I decided to do a blog post today was to tell you guys about Ocean Surf Radio!  (Not sponsored or anything, just sharing.)  I'm super old school.  I grew up recording songs that came on the radio onto my cassette tape.  I dialed toll free numbers to request songs.  As I got older, and things changed, I was happy when Indie 103.1 came around.  It was the best radio station in the world.  So much variety, legit people talking about music, indie rock, local bands, passport approved, Jonesy, Rollins, it was a station where you can hear Refused, Sinatra, Cranes, Bad Brains, and Vampire Weekend, all in one day.  We all know about the evil death of Indie 103.1.  I don't mind it all too much because sometimes things are more special when it doesn't last forever and people get sick of it or we have to witness a demise.  But the empty void in my life that Indie103 left behind, I always looked for something else to fill it.  I had found WOXY and Little Radio, but they went away as well.  Then I listened to NME Radio on iTunes, but it suddenly disappeared one day.  I like actual radio stations, or anything that feels like a real one.  I can't get myself to fully get into Spotify or Pandora.  It feels like it's all computerized, a computer system calculating what I might like and putting things into categories.  Of course I have an iPod and an iTunes library, but sometimes I want to be surprised with a song I don't have in my iTunes library, hear a song I haven't listened to in a while, or discover new favorite songs.  That's the charm of radio.  So my latest obsession is Ocean Surf Radio!  I found it randomly on iTunes radio stations list, and immediately loved the variety of songs they played.  I listen to it all day when I'm working in my studio.  They recently created an App so go download it on your phones.  Not gonna lie, sometimes it's repetitive, and some song choices are questionable, but most of the time, they totally redeem themselves by playing The Jam, Suede, or JJ72.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Who needs you

If you've been following my tumblr, you probably know by now how much I'm a fan of The Orwells.  And how inspired I was by their performance on The Late Show with David Letterman.  Well, I've re-watched that video so many times.  It's kinda hard to explain but they have that special something that I look for in a band.  It makes me happy.  It makes me feel alive.  I've been wanting to make this but couldn't get myself to sit down and just do it.  Then I had a really bad day, so the next day I totally channeled that energy into making this.  Took me a while and I intentionally made it super short.  Well, I hope you like it.  Here are some original "stills" and watch the video at the bottom of this post.  Oh, and FYI, I created a totally separate tumblr focusing just on my play doh artworks.  It's called and @heyho_letsdoh on instagram.  Please follow if you like that kind of stuff.  Thanks!

See past post and pics of The Orwells at the Troubadour

Friday, May 09, 2014

Red vendetta in my narrow bones

Few pics from the Jimmy Kimmel Live show with Franz Ferdinand April 30, 2014.  They sang Evil Eye, Stand on the Horizon, Take Me Out, Ulysses, and Goodbye Lovers and Friends.  Franz Ferdinand is definitely one of my all time favorite bands.  I love every song on every album.  The only band I would drive all the way to Pioneertown and back to LA in one night for.  Hope they come back soon.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

If you wanna find love then you know where the city is

Coachella 2014 Weekend 2 - Day 3

Sunday, Day 3, was the hottest of the three days.  It was almost 97 degrees, not sure what that translates to in "feels like" if you're standing in front of the outdoor stage at like 4pm.  I really wanted to see The 1975 because I missed their LA show.  As I stood in the sun, I kept thinking to myself, why did I miss the LA show, then I wouldn't be standing in this heat.  But I did.  I totally endured the heat for their entire set because I liked them enough.  Thank goodness I had water and they sprayed the front row from time to time.  I took mostly selfies on Day 3 and stood in line for merch.  Also completely fell apart by evening.  I was beyond exhausted.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

You can drive all night, looking for the answers in the pouring rain

Coachella Weekend 2 Day 2

When the set times were released, I wasn't too happy that one of my must-see bands were on the Main Stage right at the hottest time of day.  I couldn't get there early enough to grab a close spot because like I said, of the heat.  After making plans to reunite, my buddies went to see Temples, and I went to find a spot for Cage the Elephant.  It's weird.  Cage the Elephant is one of my all time favorite bands.  I liked them a lot since the first album mainly because of the front man's energy.  I love that crazy energy on stage.  Plus, I really love every song on every album.  So good.  Well, the weird thing is I had never seen them live.  I guess the timing never worked out, or maybe, if I like a band too much, I want to keep some kind of mystery by not seeing them live?  I don't know, but there's a couple of bands I love that I still haven't seen live.  So this was my first time seeing them.  I guess I should've seen them earlier because I missed out on a live version of "Japanese Buffalo".  I watched the webcast of years ago when he wore that dress I thought it was so punk and only he could pull it off so well.  I don't think Matt was as crazy this week, probably to not repeat what he did the week before, but he did grab a pineapple from the audience and bit chunks out of it.  Yeah, the skin and all.  He didn't climb anything but there were plenty of crowd surfing action.  Cool front guy antics aside, the set was so solid and made me happy.  I don't know why but I started feeling sad all of a sudden, because the lyrics are pretty emotional and sad.  When he sang "Shake Me Down', I choked up and my eyes filled with tears. I've been going through a lot the past year.  Usually, the joy of being at a show will kill any sad emotion no matter how sad a song is.  Thank goodness I had sunglasses on because I started crying during "even on a cloudy day".  Also, "Cigarette Daydreams" got me all emotional, too.  That's where this band is right now, though.  And I guess it was a perfect time to see them.  More emotional and solid, instead of angsty (which I love anyways).  I drank lots of water but the heat was already getting to me.  I had to walk now all the way to the Mojave Tent for Julian Casablancas.

I ended up leaning against the barricade of the guest section.  This was actually fun for me because I got to see all the guests walking in to see Julian Casablancas and the Voidz and boy, did they all turn out.  I only get star struck with people I'm an actual fan of.  Most others, I didn't even recognize.  But I was excited to see Drowners, members of Cage the Elephant, Alessandra Ambrosio (my fave model since the late '90s), and also Matt Bellamy from Muse!  At the end, I was able to flag down Matt and say hi.  He was super nice.

After that, we had to go eat.  I was in line for the Kogi Truck, and I saw Stephen Yeun from The Walking Dead.  Also, right after that, something crazy happened which is probably the highlight of this year's Coachella.  So by this time, I was so out of it and overwhelmed, and my food took forever, so I was a song late to MGMT's set.  There was no way I could make my way in.  It was way too crowded, MGMT had a really big turn out.  But I love them.  I love their second album the most.  They sang songs they didn't sing during weekend one.  They closed with "Congratulations" which got me teary-eyed again.  I was emotional on day two.

Julian Casablancas and the Voidz


Queens of the Stone Age

Muse (no photos!  couldn't take good pictures at night, and so far away!)