Thursday, July 31, 2008

Face down in the right town

Did a quickie illustration today! Because it's been too long. Lately, I've been obsessed with fashion blogs. The ones where people just post pics of themselves in their different outfits. My favorites would be Lulu, FashionToast, Karla, FlairToRemember, and Unwise Pedestrian. The above is an illustration I did using a picture from Fashion Toast. Looking at the blogs make me want to get all dressed up everyday. Not that I don't already, but I can't dress up too much to work for reasons you would not understand unless... Anyways, I would love to have my own style pic blog, but I can't. Reasons being: A)I'm not photogenic B)Don't want random pics of me on the internet C)Would like to keep the mystique of a self-portrait-less blog & D)Don't want to appear too narcissistic. (and as I say this, my friends are probably thinking, "Hey, I've seen your myspace pics, you liar!") Don't get me wrong, I love fashion blogs. I'd just rather look at them than make one. There's even a book out now about the new Online Fashion Narcissism.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm cutting the string that binds me to you

The first time I saw Under the Influence of Giants was back in May 2005 at the Viper Room. The line up was a little different and it was right before they signed with Island. I liked their sound so much that I remember buying their CD at the show. Then I saw them a couple more times in 2005/06 at the Roxy and the Key Club. Since then, they have toured the world and have grown so much and still sound great. Went to Spaceland to see them as they're playing the Monday residency this month. Lukas Haas played this night, too. I've been wanting to see him. His songs are sweet. Really liked it.

Lukas Haas

Under the Influence of Giants

Saturday, July 26, 2008

What was I next to you?

Yes, I had tickets to Albert Hammond Jr.'s show at Spaceland! I actually bought the tickets online right when it went on sale. Did you guys see the massive line that circled the block outside? Wow. So relieved that I had tickets. The Shys and The Parlor Mob opened up the show. Albert had some trouble with the airline and some of his equipment didn't make it to LA! Nevertheless, he did not disappoint and played an awesome set. My only complaint would be that the place was so packed, I think the air conditioning must've been broken, or whatever. I was drenched in sweat (so was everybody in there). Halfway through the set, I thought about giving up and going outside to get some air in fear of passing out from the heat! But I made it. Plus, I did not want to give up my incredible spot of like second row, right in front of Albert. My pictures that I took below used no zoom. He played for about an hour. Loved his set.

Albert Hammond Jr. @ Spaceland July 11, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

There's nothing sad about it

Indie103.1 started doing this free summer concert series back in 2006. I remember going twice. The first one was to see RunRunRun and Silversun Pickups. The second time was for People in Planes and Shiny Toy Guns. I didn't get to go at all last year because I was going through some "hard times". I was so excited to see how many female-fronted bands were in the lineup this year. They had NicoVega, IO Echo, The Duke Spirit, and Miss Derringer! The concerts are held at the Hammer Museum in Westwood by UCLA. So you know I just HAD to go when Miss Derringer and The Deadly Syndrome played on July 10, 2008. Miss Derringer is fronted by the amazingly talented artist Liz McGrath. (Remember my post about her art show?) And I can't get enough of the Deadly Syndrome! When you see them, you feel what they feel. The emotions are there. The heart, the fire, the passion for music is pure and you can see it and feel it. That's not so common nowadays when there are just so many bands out there. Not to mention, they're awesome technically as well. These guys are the real deal. So refreshing.

Indie103.1 presents Miss Derringer and The Deadly Syndrome
Hammer Museum July 10, 2008
Miss Derringer - I love their costumes and her rockabilly, western, goth, punk style.

The Deadly Syndrome...... *sigh*

Monday, July 07, 2008

No solutions just bombs below

So this weekend I got my new issue of TeenVogue. (Yes, I subscribe to it. It's actually a really good magazine to keep on top of things and I don't know why I have to explain myself. All fashion companies subscribe to it, as well, fyi. I just remember someone saying "you read Teen magazines??" Hence, the explanation.) Anyways, I kept coming back to this JustCavalli ad. I love it so much. The styling and the colors. Oh, yeah, and Kate Moss! and I looked at the male model and thought, "He looks like Lillian of The Living Things!" And then I saw another JustCavalli ad with Cory Becker, too! *sigh* Rock&roll, Cavalli, and Kate, oh my!!!

Few years ago, I first heard of this band called The Living Things. Their live shows have amazing energy. Their album is so good. Here are some favorite shots I took of them at their shows back in 2006.

Spaceland January 18, 2006

Absolutely love this shot of Eve and Cory.

Eve Berlin's pompadour!!!

New Years Party January 1, 2006

Troubadour April 24, 2006

I loved Cory's hairstyle here. This is pre-beard and hat.

Red boots.....!!!

I had the biggest style crush on them. Definitely, as a designer, I love it when a band has a style that also enhances the mood of their music. I'm not surprised at all they are in Cavalli ads. They always look good. But, most importantly, their music seriously rocks.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Sunset Strip Music Festival
I absolutely love the Sunset Strip. It is indeed legendary. So much history. Rock and Roll high school, anyone? The death of the Sunset Tower Records was so sad to me. Viper Room needs no intro. Whenever I go out there, I feel different. Like free and alive. So, I was happy to hear that they were going to hold a "Sunset Strip Music Festival" for the first time this year. I went to two shows.

Friday June 27, 2008
The Shys, The Deadly Syndrome, & Hot Hot Heat @ The Roxy
All three bands are really good. It was a great lineup. I thought the Deadly Syndrome was especially amazing as I had never seen them live before (I know, I know). Better late than never, I was blown away. He really sings. Overall, the entire day, ever since I woke up, was a weird day. I wasn't feeling it. It was way too hot in the Roxy, we ended up leaving during the last song. Only to come out and see police everywhere, and to see a pedestrian had been hit by a car and receiving first aid on the street. That was really sad to see, but I was glad because I think he survived. But it just reminded me of what happened just about over a month ago. Anyways, and then the weird day was over. Here are the pictures. (not that many pics either)