Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm cutting the string that binds me to you

The first time I saw Under the Influence of Giants was back in May 2005 at the Viper Room. The line up was a little different and it was right before they signed with Island. I liked their sound so much that I remember buying their CD at the show. Then I saw them a couple more times in 2005/06 at the Roxy and the Key Club. Since then, they have toured the world and have grown so much and still sound great. Went to Spaceland to see them as they're playing the Monday residency this month. Lukas Haas played this night, too. I've been wanting to see him. His songs are sweet. Really liked it.

Lukas Haas

Under the Influence of Giants

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  1. Lukas Haase is so cute! I remember when he was just a wee lil boy in that movie Witness