Monday, July 07, 2008

No solutions just bombs below

So this weekend I got my new issue of TeenVogue. (Yes, I subscribe to it. It's actually a really good magazine to keep on top of things and I don't know why I have to explain myself. All fashion companies subscribe to it, as well, fyi. I just remember someone saying "you read Teen magazines??" Hence, the explanation.) Anyways, I kept coming back to this JustCavalli ad. I love it so much. The styling and the colors. Oh, yeah, and Kate Moss! and I looked at the male model and thought, "He looks like Lillian of The Living Things!" And then I saw another JustCavalli ad with Cory Becker, too! *sigh* Rock&roll, Cavalli, and Kate, oh my!!!

Few years ago, I first heard of this band called The Living Things. Their live shows have amazing energy. Their album is so good. Here are some favorite shots I took of them at their shows back in 2006.

Spaceland January 18, 2006

Absolutely love this shot of Eve and Cory.

Eve Berlin's pompadour!!!

New Years Party January 1, 2006

Troubadour April 24, 2006

I loved Cory's hairstyle here. This is pre-beard and hat.

Red boots.....!!!

I had the biggest style crush on them. Definitely, as a designer, I love it when a band has a style that also enhances the mood of their music. I'm not surprised at all they are in Cavalli ads. They always look good. But, most importantly, their music seriously rocks.

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  1. ahhh kate moss is my favorite fashionista by far.