Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pay no mind

First show of 2014!  I actually haven't been out in such a long time, I was starting to feel blue and not like my normal self, and hence, the lack of posts.  I've been mostly working on a project which I hope I get to share with you guys some time in the future.  Ok, so when I saw that there was this cool free show going on at the Viper Room, presented by Converse and Filter Magazine, featuring Tijuana Panthers AND Hanni El Khatib, I knew I had to go.  (I was bummed that I didn't get to go see them when they played the El Rey together, I really wanted to go to that show!).  I was super excited!  I love small venues, obviously.  But honestly, I don't like free shows.  My fear is this: driving out through the traffic on a Friday night, paying for expensive parking, and standing in a long endless line, only to be turned away at the door because they hit capacity.  But I took my chances because this was totally worth it!  We got there right before the doors opened, and the line wasn't that long, thank goodness.  The band Waters was up first.  I had never heard of them, but, they were really good.  I liked their music.  Check them out, ok?  Then, one of my faves, Tijuana Panthers!  Love their songs so much.  Plus, they did a cover of the Buzzcocks' "Everybody's Happy Nowadays".  So good!  Except, Chad, they had that weird lighting pattern on your face, sorry about the photos.  Then, Hanni El Khatib.  I actually love his latest album, Head in the Dirt.  I absolutely love the cover art as well.  Such a sexy rock and roll record.  The last time I saw Hanni, it was just him and a drummer.  I really liked him back then, but seeing him with a full band, and with the new album, I think he really kicked it up several notches.  Loved their set so much.  They even played a cover of The Cramps "Human Fly" but the sexiest rock and roll version you'll ever hear.  HEK is so crush-worthy.  Had so much fun.  Thanks to Filter and Converse!  I only have good memories of The Viper Room.  Always seem to have a great time there.

Sorry for the quality of the photos.  I didn't have my regular camera with me.  But I really wanted to share this with you.  Enjoy! 


Tijuana Panthers

Hanni El Khatib

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  I spent January 1, 2014 driving down Sunset Blvd, and up PCH to Malibu.  We ate lunch and hung out in Malibu 'til the sun set.  It was a  gorgeous day.