Tuesday, April 30, 2013

BritWeek LA - April 27, 2013

When this BritWeek LA show at the Echoplex was announced, I bought my tickets right away.  It was such a great line up, cool venue, and on a Saturday, I didn't have to think twice.  It was gonna be a fun time for sure.  Then, a few days before the show, there was a sudden venue change.  I was really super annoyed.  Venues usually play a big part in me deciding which shows to go to.  Well, it got moved to a church in Koreatown, and was now all ages.  I was just so confused as to why they would suddenly change the venue.  Then, on Saturday morning, it was announced that the Rolling Stones was playing the Echoplex that night.  Oh, so the Stones kicked us out.  Well, it was pretty early when I got the news, so we drove out to El Rey and got in line for tickets.  I mean, the line was long, but it got longer behind us.  It kind of sucked because they weren't giving out wristbands to the people in line, so rude idiots were cutting.  They weren't cutting off the line and let it wrap around the entire block.  Tickets were supposed to go on sale at noon.  Well, noon passed, and they changed their minds and say numbers will be passed out and it will be sold as a lottery at 1pm.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  After about two hours of waiting, after the lottery announcement, I gave up and realized going to the Britweek show as originally planned would be the best option.  And I had to hurry since Swim Deep went on so early.  And you know how congested Saturday afternoon traffic is.  After a hectic morning, I ended up having a nice time at the show.

I don't want to fight for it all, and forget it when we fall

Blood Red Shoes - First Unitarian Church, Los Angeles, CA - April 27, 2013
Photos by "Youngest Indie"

Britweek LA Show - Various Cruelties / Virals

Various Cruelties - First Unitarian Church, Los Angeles, CA - April 27, 2013
Photos by "Youngest Indie"

Second time seeing them.  Loving their album.

VIRALS  - First Unitarian Church, Los Angeles, CA - April 27, 2013
Photos by "Youngest Indie"

I really liked Virals!  Already bought their songs on iTunes.  So good!

All we know is that love is when you're really that happy to see me

Swim Deep - First Unitarian Church, Los Angeles, CA - April 27, 2013
Photos by "Youngest Indie"

Absolutely loving Swim Deep right now.  I kind of wished they had played more songs, or if it was a different venue, and if they had played a separate headline show, but I'm sure that will happen soon in the future.  Really excited about this band and can't wait to see more of them.  Their songs sound even better live.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How you'd have a happy life, if you did the things you like

Ideally, I would have liked to have stayed in a hotel in Palm Springs at least for one night, and hang out by the pool, but alas, it was a weeknight and some people had work the next day.  That's fine.  We still drove out from Los Angeles to Pioneertown, and drove back right after the show.  It took us about three hours getting there because of the late afternoon traffic.  We made a quick pit stop and drove through majestic desert landscape to get to Pappy and Harriet's, the super charming and cool restaurant/bar/venue in Pioneertown that have housed many superstar acts.  This night, Franz Ferdinand and Palma Violets were playing an outdoor show there.  When we arrived, the sun had already set and was getting dark.  We got there just in time, right before the show started.  It was extremely chilly that night.  But we were prepared because I knew it was an outdoor show, and I am usually freezing at Hollywood Bowl or the Getty Center at night, even if it's summer.  Since I'm a total LA girl, that night felt like a winter's night to me.  But it was so pretty.  The night air.  The countless stars in the sky that were visible, unlike city life.  And of course, Franz Ferdinand.  They played another entertaining, energetic, fun show.  Palma Violets opened, and I'm sure they have tons of new fans now.  Their debut album is really good, go get it.  Also, be on the lookout for Franz Ferdinand's new album, predicting it will be out later this year. 

Palma Violets

Franz Ferdinand