Saturday, September 12, 2009

And I want you to know I'll be with you

When the info for the FYF Fest came to my inbox, I got excited for two reasons: 1) it was going to be held at that park, you know THAT park in Chinatown, where I usually go to for photo shoots and random fun stuff. and 2) the Black Lips! You know I don't do big festivals. But I would totally make an exception. I actually held out on buying tickets just because even if I knew I'd go. Thank goodness I held out because I got them on sale for 8 bucks! Yay! I drove by the festival earlier in the day since I was around the area. I almost fainted and was overwhelmed with the massive line! It was around 6:00ish when I arrived, and the line had disappeared to my relief. I purposely got there late because I was planning to see the Black Lips and they were set to go on at 11:00pm. I got there just in time to see the Thermals. Kinda bummed I missed Avi Buffalo, but they went on way too early. The porta-potties (my nightmare) were not too bad. Everything was perfect and well set-up. I think they did a great job putting this together. Awesome. I had a lovely time. No Age's set was crazy. No, the fans were crazy. What was that? Water balloons? All I know is that popcorn bags and water and liquids went flying everywhere. I had to step back a little. Hipsters eating corn was like the cutest thing.

The Thermals - I made a mental note to go see this band couple years ago, but I never did. Boy, did I kick myself for not having done that sooner. When I saw them at the FYF fest, they were so good. I love them! I totally recommend them. A lot of fans came out and you could tell that the band enjoyed it as much as the fans.

The Black Lips
Remember when I said I'd never go to the floor section of another Black Lips show ever again post-El Rey experience? Well, I lied. I mean, how can you not be a part of all that madness when the Black Lips are playing right there in front of you? How else would you watch them? It started getting crazy as soon as they started. Again, they opened with my favorite "Sea of Blasphemy" and I knew I had to be part of this. I ended up like second/third row somehow in front of Ian. It was mad fun except when a crowdsurfer kicked my cheekbone with his muddy shoe. During the last song, Jared ran and did a big stage dive with his guitar! Anyways, it wasn't nearly as rough as the El Rey show.

Friday, September 04, 2009

I knew the reason I felt hollow

I got into Franz Ferdinand when everyone else did back in 2004 when "Take Me Out" was everyone's favorite song. Back then, I didn't go to as many rock shows. I was just out of school and working my behind off. Well, I remember they played Avalon and Wiltern, and I didn't get to go. They pretty much blew up and started playing the Greek and bigger venues. You know how I feel about big venues. So, no matter how much I've liked them this was the first time I got to see them. Wow. This was the show 5 years in the making. It was at the Hollywood Palladium, the smallest venue you can get to see a big band. The line to get in was insane. Do these people not have jobs? or go to school? Where do these ppl come from? However, I ended up at the front but way to the side. That's fine. As long as I have the rail in front of me. But then, all my shots came out like crap. To make up for it, I danced to everything, cuz we like knew every song.

Alex watching the openers from the side stage.

Franz Ferdinand
Alex Kapranos was pretty much perfect. He's even more dreamy in person live on stage. His moves. And he was so stylish wearing a polka dot shirt with a contrast white collar, dark jeans slightly cuffed, with perfect black boots.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Only in dreams we see what it means

Earlier this year, I missed out on Michel Gondry's signing at the Montalban because it was during the week and work was crazy busy. I remember feeling really sad about it, but there was no way I would've made it. Then, I was driving home from the Standard one Saturday, and passed by Amoeba. When I saw the sign that said Michel Gondry was coming, I screamed. Another opportunity to see him! This time I would not miss out. Not only did I not miss out, I was the first one to arrive for the event. Lol. The too cool for school customers at Amoeba kept looking at me weird. I must've looked like some loser, clutching my newly purchased DVD, standing right in front of the stage, all excited. But, it wasn't long before others started showing up and then the place was packed! Michel Gondry and "friends" performed a set. When Mr. Michel Gondry walked on stage, I literally freaked out. Ah! My inspiration! Genius! The mind behind all my favorite crazy creative awesome videos and movies. Even watching the set and getting my DVD signed, it all just felt surreal. I still can't believe that I watched Michel Gondry play drums from the front row and got to meet him. It was a dream come true. So surreal.