Friday, September 04, 2009

I knew the reason I felt hollow

I got into Franz Ferdinand when everyone else did back in 2004 when "Take Me Out" was everyone's favorite song. Back then, I didn't go to as many rock shows. I was just out of school and working my behind off. Well, I remember they played Avalon and Wiltern, and I didn't get to go. They pretty much blew up and started playing the Greek and bigger venues. You know how I feel about big venues. So, no matter how much I've liked them this was the first time I got to see them. Wow. This was the show 5 years in the making. It was at the Hollywood Palladium, the smallest venue you can get to see a big band. The line to get in was insane. Do these people not have jobs? or go to school? Where do these ppl come from? However, I ended up at the front but way to the side. That's fine. As long as I have the rail in front of me. But then, all my shots came out like crap. To make up for it, I danced to everything, cuz we like knew every song.

Alex watching the openers from the side stage.

Franz Ferdinand
Alex Kapranos was pretty much perfect. He's even more dreamy in person live on stage. His moves. And he was so stylish wearing a polka dot shirt with a contrast white collar, dark jeans slightly cuffed, with perfect black boots.

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  1. Oh i love franz. Totally agree, they are cool dudes, fashion sense is spot on and their music, well who could dispute their music? Was lucky enough to catch them twice this year, sooo good!