Monday, December 24, 2007

Where is Rudolph? Where is Blitzen, baby?

I created this stop motion video with my play-doh Joey that I made a few months back. I know this is probably his second appearance on my blog, but I love him. He just sits on my studio desk, hanging out with play-doh me (see the one-year anniversary post somewhere below). I know this is not the greatest stop motion as it is my second one. The first one was a quick screen test of Joey walking to "hey-ho let's go!". This is a small taste of what's to come on Youngest Indie. It hasn't been easy. I don't have all the time in the world, but I will try to push myself to create new things. Well, I hope you like the video and have a very merry Christmas and happy new year! Please come back to check out my blog soon! Thanks!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I should stop being so cynical 'cause we're hotter when we don't give a damn

Saturday around noon, we hit up the Morphine Generation sample sale. There was a MG skirt I've been obsessing about for several months. I would even doodle sketches of myself wearing this skirt. Yeah, I know, but I do that a lot. Anyways, to my delight, I got the skirt at the sample sale! I got a few other gorgeous pieces. Erik was there, working. He's so very crush-worthy.

Later that evening was the opening reception for Liz McGrath's solo show at the Billy Shire Fine Arts gallery. I'm a huge fan of hers, so I was very excited about it. She's so cool and most importantly, so inpsiring to me. I loved her black felt reindeers. Please go check it out. Her work is amazing and it'll really blow your mind. Also saw her 3-D music video. That was totally cute. Love her. The Heartbreaker rockabilly frog was my favorite.

Monday night, went to the Hotel Cafe. As many of you know, Butch Walker's house was completely destroyed by the Malibu fire recently. He lost everything. All of his equipment, his recordings, etc. So the show was for that. He wanted to start by paying back his friends that he borrowed equipment from and was also lost in the fire. I like Butch Walker, so I was so sad when I heard the news. Anyways, so right when I got there Butch was hanging out outside talking to someone. During the acoustic show, he had special guests such as Jared (The Honorary Title) and Pink. But what I loved most was Butch playing piano and singing. You can hear the rain outside, cars going by on Cahuenga. Hotel Cafe has a warm atmosphere. It was really nice, rainy Hollywood outside, and lots of great people hanging out inside.

Friday, December 14, 2007

I turn my camera on

My old camera died last week of October. In desperate need of a new camera to shoot The Hives early November, I just ended up buying an Olympus. This camera just didn't work for me. All my pictures came out blurry. I was really upset. Needless to say, I had to return it. Then I realized, my old camera must've been sad that I just moved on so easily. So here is a post dedicated to my old Canon camera.

Dear Digital Elph S500,
Thanks so much for taking so many great pictures. Where would I be without you? You were there for me at all the right times. Your pictures never came out blurry. No matter how crazy some rock shows were, I endured the crowds by concentrating on taking the perfect shots. I guess it was time for you to go, since I took over 100 pictures per show, or occasion. Here are some of the people you have captured digitally: Steve Jones, Chris Robinson, Slash, Jet, Ok Go, All American Rejects, The Horrors, The Fratellis, CSS, The Lashes, Head Automatica, Shepard Fairey, Rooney, Living Things, Razorlight, and many many more. I promise to pay tribute to you if I ever get a chance to publish a photo book. Thanks again for everything. Last week, I bought your younger sibling, another Canon, and I promise to take good care of it and take many many more awesome pictures.

On another note: On Sunday....
me: "Mom, Spoon is opening for the Kroq Christmas Concert today! Spoon! You know, Spoon!"
mom: "What about fork?"

Thursday, December 06, 2007

We'll be the same tomorrow, 'cause we all been painted by numbers

Absolut Fake. Like, literally fake.

I thought this was beautiful. Art by Si Scott.

My favorite.

Last night I went to the Art in Motion event at the A+D Museum. It was presented by GenArt and Nokia. During the event, there were three teams who were filming a short right there in the midst of it all. So, all the people at the art show were, in a way, extras for their film. The NokiaNSeries was really cool. I liked all the prints they had up. Especially because I was already familiar with most of the artists shown: Terence Koh, Floria Sigismondi, Jeremy Kost, Andrew W.K. and more. The Absolut Fake piece were pictures of people dressed up as famous people. So, literally fake. Isn't it great? The Terence Koh piece was really interesting. The DJ was really good. I probably would've danced if I was drunk. Free drinks, free hor douvres. Good crowd. It was fun and inspiring.