Thursday, December 06, 2007

We'll be the same tomorrow, 'cause we all been painted by numbers

Absolut Fake. Like, literally fake.

I thought this was beautiful. Art by Si Scott.

My favorite.

Last night I went to the Art in Motion event at the A+D Museum. It was presented by GenArt and Nokia. During the event, there were three teams who were filming a short right there in the midst of it all. So, all the people at the art show were, in a way, extras for their film. The NokiaNSeries was really cool. I liked all the prints they had up. Especially because I was already familiar with most of the artists shown: Terence Koh, Floria Sigismondi, Jeremy Kost, Andrew W.K. and more. The Absolut Fake piece were pictures of people dressed up as famous people. So, literally fake. Isn't it great? The Terence Koh piece was really interesting. The DJ was really good. I probably would've danced if I was drunk. Free drinks, free hor douvres. Good crowd. It was fun and inspiring.

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