Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No they don't give it back to fools

I remember I was having a moody Saturday and I thought if I didn't go out for some air, I'd probably feel even more miserable. So I ended up going to the Getty Center for the last summer Saturdays off the 405 show. The Dodos played. DJ Turquoise Wisdom spun his records. I ran into Ryan (Test Your Reflex, No Country). I literally hadn't seen him in years. Oh, and there was a cute guy that stood next to me during The Dodos set that I really wanted to talk to but I chickened. Anyways, I'm feeling bummed because the weather in LA is cooling down and feels like summer is ending. Which is weird because it's August so it should still be hot.

The Dodos

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  1. I had a really good time the last time I saw the Dodos. Did you sneak a pic of the cute guy?