Tuesday, April 07, 2009

If I was a robot would you love me anymore. If I wore a mask would you know.

Saturday went to the Hear Gallery's Masquerade Ball in Downtown's Old Banker's District. It was right next to The Smell. We got there "early" and it was quite empty. So we just hung out for a bit and took pictures. But a few hours later, it started to get really packed. It was a great turnout, actually. The first band was great since they were all in complete Masquerade mode with their matching red and black outfits. Saturday was a crazy day for me and I was really tired. So I had planned to leave early, but the next band, Sorcerer went on, and it was mad fun. Give me heavy metal hair bands any day. I'll love it. Not to mention the adorable head-banging, air-guitar playing group of guys in the front. It was super fun and enjoyable. Ended their set with a mosh pit going, which I also love. Thanks to the guy who blocked them for me. I tried but it's hard when they're flying at you. My intention was to check out the Polyamorous Affair, because I totally love them, but I was tired and left before their set. But, all in all, was a fun time and everyone looked fabulous.

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