Thursday, April 16, 2009

The ruin will do in your talented mind

Since HOB is notoriously known for their no-camera policy, I didn't even try to sneak in a camera. Instead, I took crappy cell phone pictures. But, it's better than nothing. Last Friday, went to see OK Go at the HOB Anaheim. The bouncer dude gave me a hard time because he thought my ID was fake. He started bending and scratching it. It made me mad. Go get your freaking card reader. And he was not friendly. But seeing Damian made everything better in the end. Their new songs are really good! I can't wait for the new album. Go here to see older posts of them. I saw them perform 5 times and saw some of them out and about many times. So good to have them back.

Oh, and I think they look fabulous in their Banana Republic ads. Think BR was smart to get them. Have you seen the huge billboards on the Sunset Strip and the other one on Robertson? Yeah, it's like they're always with me, or watching me. Haha... But I will still never forget seeing Tim and Damian shopping at the Paul Smith store several years ago.

inside the Beverly Center BR store

in front of the Chateau Marmont on Sunset

on Robertson


  1. i still get carded for cigarettes!

  2. wow!
    i didn't realise how strict they were/could get!

    way to stick it to the man :P

    kudos on the great taste in music


  3. tee hee thanks a whole bunch! :D:D Cant wait to hear/read more from you :D

    Hope your weekend is going swell