Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our glory days are gone. Let it rain.

Two bands that I really like played Club NME Spaceland last week. If you go to as many shows as I do, it becomes harder to feel impressed. However, I left this show feeling like "omg, finally". I really enjoyed this show. It's been a while since I've left a show feeling that way. But then again, what else would I expect from Bloodcat Love and Living Things. Two amazing bands that I've seen many times before, and yet I still never get bored. Check out previous posts for BCL here and here. The new album "Habeas Corpus" is really good (love "Let It Rain") and the Living Things are on tour, so I suggest you check them out in your town. Really good rock and roll. Bloodcat Love will be coming out with their brand new album shortly. Look out for that as well. I have the biggest crush on BCL. I've even considered dedicating a post to Myles, but haven't gotten around to it. Think they are my new muses. I know I have some old photos I haven't posted on this blog, so I guess I will pull from the archives for that one.

Living Things

Bloodcat Love

White Arrows

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  1. omg love his shoes! def gonna check them out!