Wednesday, October 26, 2016

10 Year Anniversary: Header Illustrations

 So, guess what?  

My blog, Youngest Indie, is turning 10 next week!  That's right, ten years of gig life.  Well, gig life started before this blog, but I will stick to the timeline of when this blog was active.  To celebrate 10 years, I decided to look back and prepare some retrospective posts.  So that's coming soon.  As a preview, here is a look at my past blog header images.

This was the first header.  You can tell it was the mid 2000s by the American Apparel white v-neck, hipster floppy hat, and those red Chloe Susanna boots I was so obsessed with but never got.

As I explored more with clay art, I reinterpreted the original header with play doh and updated her look a little with silver glitter boots.

This girl was used to announce my tumblr, a place where I collected my inspirations and what nots.  Also made out of play doh, and vector clipart camera and flying v.  She is wearing a leopard print knit dress (which I tried on in real life one day while shopping and I loved it but, was too wild for me and only my alter ego would actually ever wear it, so here she is).

This has been the latest banner for a long time now.  I felt that a black leather jacket was the best representation of me and my blog.  This is a vector illustration I did on Adobe Illustrator.

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