Sunday, October 23, 2016

Endless rain, fall on my heart

Finally went to check out the Rain Room!  I remember last year when the exhibit opened here, I was sitting at my desk at work, and looking for tickets during my lunch break.  But the weekend times were mostly sold out for months.  So I just kinda gave up because life got so busy anyways.  Then my friend reminded me and said she had wanted to go see it.  So this time we forced ourselves to find and pick a date.  I went earlier this week, but we bought these tickets two months in advance.  This installation is at LACMA and is a separate ticketed event, meaning a general admission to LACMA will not get you into the Rain Room.  Tickets can be purchased online and a time slot must be selected as the exhibit has capacity rules to make sure everyone gets the full experience.  

We read reviews before going, so we were a little prepared.  Meaning: light colored clothing is recommended for the sensors to work better.  No shiny material clothing, no high heels, etc.  You get a full tips email from LACMA before you visit if you did purchase advance tickets.

 I believe the Rain Room is ending soon and tickets are limited or sold out.  Please check for more info.

Rain Room was pretty cool.  I'm glad I got to experience it.  You get 15 minutes in there.  We got a little wet at times but not soaked.  The rain is pouring, not sprinkling.  They say to put your arms out first for the sensor to start working, then walk slow like a zombie (if you don't want to get soaked).  A few big raindrops here and there could be felt at times, but other times, it felt really surreal.  It's like you have an umbrella over you, but you don't.  So you can see the rain pouring around you as you walk around. 

 Tickets to the Rain Room includes general admission to other LACMA exhibits.  We went to see Picasso and His Printers.  (No photos allowed).  

And we also checked out CARtoons: Art of America's Car Culture.

Museum tip: Make sure to pick up a Today At LACMA pamphlet at the box office to see what's on view and where. 

Yes, October is almost over, but we got a little heat wave over here in L.A.  This happened to be the hottest day this week.  Temps went up to 97 degrees F!  But since it is fall, it felt very dry, so it was bearable (for a native Angeleno anyway).

After the museum, we drove over to 3rd Street and had late lunch at Toast Bakery Cafe.  The food was good.  We even got a complimentary peanut butter chocolate cupcake!  That made my day.  I haven't been out in a while and this outing was very much needed for the mental and soul.


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