Friday, April 27, 2012

Coachella Weekend 2 Day One

Coachella was always something I dreamed about.  I was always interested in the lineup, I watched the webcasts, I looked for the pictures of this event every year.  However, I never went because I'm just really not that into actually being in a huge crowded festival, in the heat, and using porta potties.  Again, if you've been following my blog, you know that I like small venues very much, and don't enjoy large venues at all.  This year, when the Coachella lineup was announced, I was at work.  Someone emailed it to me, but I couldn't take the time to see everything since I was at work after all.  When I got home, I looked at it again and immediately pretty much hyperventilated.  It was sick.  I couldn't believe the lineup.  If you actually were to have seen my reaction, you would've seriously laughed at me.  I freaked out.  To me, this was the best lineup ever.  It just meant so much to me personally.  So can you believe I actually went to my first Coachella?  If it weren't for the amazing lineup, I would not do this, nor could I have done this and endure all that heat and exhaustion.

 Day one.  We arrived at the festival during the hottest time of the day.  Walking in that long distance from the shuttle drop off to the festival entrance, going through two rigorous bag checks and body pat downs, in 100 degrees F, we were really feeling it as soon as we walked in.  We got water and found some shade in the DO Lab.  We refilled our water bottles, then headed over to the Outdoor Stage for Yuck!  If I didn't like their songs so much, Lord knows I would've just passed out at this point.  Outdoor stage, no shade, hottest time of day, the sweat was just dripping down our faces.  I enjoyed Yuck's set very much.  I had seen them before at the Troubadour.  Right around their last song, I could feel myself getting sick.  I needed food or something.  We walked over to rest in the VIP area.  I was suffering so badly from heat exhaustion, I had lost my appetite.  I didn't know how I would last all the way to 11:20pm.  So, we missed GIRLS, because I needed to recover.

After we some what recovered, and the sun started to set, and the weather cooled down, we went out to sit in the grass and watch Arctic Monkeys!  Man, I saw them back in 2006 at the Wiltern Theater in the pit with Meg White and Courtney Love.

The sun went down, it felt bearable now.  After all, Pulp was next.  Seriously, I was there.  Watching Jarvis.  Dancing to my favorite song Disco 2000.

Oh, and I said hi to this lovely person.

After Pulp, we headed back to get dinner, which was a light snack.  I checked out The Black Keys by myself since my party was still very tired.

We started our way to the Outdoor Stage, that's when John Fogerty came on stage to join The Black Keys!

 We watched the last song of Explosions in the Sky.  When they were done, everyone cleared out and everyone else moved in.  I left my party and moved in.  I stood in the center about fifth row from the front, then saw that I was surrounded by mostly male fans.  I figured I would probably die in the mosh pit, so I quickly moved over more to the side, but second row.  I couldn't believe how close I was to to the stage.  I thought Coachella was all about having to watch everyone from very far away.  When Refused took the stage, it was all so surreal.  It felt unreal and real at the same time.  I am not making sense.  No, Coachella didn't make sense to me, but it was happening and I was there.  To be honest, Refused was the top reason why I decided to come to Coachella.  Watching Refused, I was just blown away and all the reasons why I set them apart was so apparent.  It was one of those moments you know you will remember forever.  I was so happy to be able to see them and hear their songs.  I was overwhelmed.

After Refused, we ran over to the Gobi Tent to see The Horrors.  Josh went crazy at the end and stood on his amp while Faris did his mic + amp distortion thingy.  That was the end of Day One.  It was a full day, and getting out of the festival back to the shuttle stop was so tiring.  Too many people, in the dark, we did the zombie shuffle.  We got back to our hotel and totally passed out.

Yuck, Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, The Black Keys, John Fogerty, Refused, The Horrors - all in one day, I must be dreaming.  I was so overwhelmed and happy.

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