Sunday, October 17, 2010

Come with me, we'll travel to infinity

Next show we checked out from the festival was Klaxons at the Echoplex. I've been following Klaxons from the beginning as well, who hasn't, but I just never got around to seeing them live. I know they've played tons of shows in LA over the years, but yeah, it never happened with my scheduling or something. But I was excited that I would finally get to see them in a small venue. They took a long time setting up and I thought they would never come on stage. All the fans around me were dying in anticipation and it kept getting more crowded. After about a half hour delay, they finally came on and everything was okay. It was a great set and they sang all the old favorites such as Golden Skans, Magick, Gravity's Rainbow, and such. The band seemed happy and so were the fans.

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