Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Think about it first, before you make it worse

Lately, I have been overworking myself and not taking care, so Monday was a crazy day, worked the whole day and had to go buy samples, shopped until 8pm, had to go to two malls. I was starving. Then Tuesday morning around 4, I start throwing up. Ugh, the whole day yesterday I kept throwing up and feeling like crap. Yeah, I couldn't even eat, and it took all energy out of me. Even in the midst of all this, I was stressed because I wanted to stop by work to drop off the freaking samples. And to make it worse, I had bought tickets to the screening of 500 Days of Summer and Q&A with the director, writer, and actors, and after-party. Guess what? I couldn't make it! And Marc Webb is my favorite mv director ever. Seriously. Long time fan. Long long long time fan and I go crazy when it comes to his videos. I watch a video and not know who the director is, and I fall in love with it, it always turns out to be his. So, fifty bucks down the drain, and my chance to meet my favorite director lost. Teaching myself a lesson the hard way to always put my health and well being first. Take care of yourselves! Have a great weekend.


  1. Hope now you feel better...adorable t-shirt :-)wish you luck :-)

  2. Love love love that jacket - I NEED IT! Wonderful post, wonderful blog x

  3. aww maybe relax a little??? :)
    i love the blazer!