Sunday, June 14, 2009

I want the good life

The Nylon Music Summer Tour stopped by Los Angeles at the Roxy on Tuesday. It's so hard to go out on a weeknight when you have a full time stressful demanding job. Jaguar Love was set to go on at 8, so I had to hurry home, then get ready and hurry out. I was really sleepy and tired. We got there just in time. This was my first time seeing Jaguar Love minus Jay. All their new songs sounded great and I really liked them. Plastiscines were next. I've been wanting to see them for the longest time. The only time they came to play in LA was last summer in Pasadena at this festival and their set time was like high noon at the peak of the crazy summer heatwave. I knew I could not survive that so I never made it out of my air conditioned room. Plastiscines were great. Their energy and everything. So much more amazing in person. I said to my friend "isn't she so cute?!" and he replied "which one?!" Yes, indeed, they are all so beautiful, gorgeous, and French. Loved their set very much. Although, my one disappointment was that they didn't sing "Loser". I wanted to hear them sing in French. After them were the Living Things, a band I have been following for several years now. Their set was great as usual. Gasp at Eve's hair and striped pants. (side note: if you know me at all, or if you've been following this blog, you know my love for vertical striped pants.) Anyways, I can't get over their amazing sense of style, natural cool, and rockin' songs. My friends and I were tired at this point and we decided to call it a night. Honestly, I would've stayed for Patrick Wolf, but the only song I know is "Magic Position". Plus, let me remind you it was a Tuesday night. Couldn't take many good pictures because there were too many heads in front of me. Argh!

Jaguar Love


Living Things

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