Monday, June 22, 2009

He made me a tape of bootlegs and B-sides

It must've been about 4 years ago when I first saw Art Brut when We Are Scientists played the Music Box Theater (and The Spinto Band had opened). Art Brut's set was so much fun and unforgettable. Unfortunately, the Music Box (Henry Fonda) Theater has a retarded camera policy, so that time, I had to take mine back to the car. They didn't let me in with it. Well, back to my story. Art Brut's set was so much fun! Everyone started jumping and dancing. It was really packed in there. All of a sudden, like a freakin domino, or a wave, everyone started falling. A group of people must've fallen down in the front, and we were all packed together so everyone behind them started falling. It was totally crazy seeing it coming towards me (I was near the middle). I thought to myself, there is no way I'm falling. So I arm locked my buddies and held on tight. My body must've been tilting backwards but I used all of my leg muscles to successfully stop the fall. I'm telling you, well over 60 people must've fallen. It was great, though. Since then, I knew Art Brut is lots of fun. They played a mini-residency at Spaceland and ended at the Echo on Friday. I went to the Thursday show. Great fun. They even did a cover of one of my favorite Ramones tune! Yay!

Art Brut @ Spaceland Los Angeles, CA 6-18-09


  1. Oh i love Art Brut ! I saw them 3-4 years ago in a music festival and everybody was dancing too (but not falling), just Eddie jumped into the mud to join the audience. So much fun !

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