Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Now that you feel, you say it's not real

Are you guys ready for the story?  I really wanted to go to FYF, but I was kinda torn because I was trying to stay on a strict budget.  When they announced the mix tape contest, I knew I would try out and then see how it goes.  I worked two weekends, and week nights after work.  Perfecting the mix tape, even doing a play back to make sure it got recorded properly.  Then decorating.  When I heard there was an overwhelming amount of submissions, I started to get nervous because I really wanted to win grand prize.  Luckily for me though, I ended up winning the runner up prize.  Which meant I was going to FYF 2012!  (I had gone to FYF 2009.)  

Friday night, I make my schedule of which bands to see.  I don't want to start too early because I have to see Refused closing.  We get there in time to see Cloud Nothings.  They were pretty good.  I like their tunes, but I didn't really like the super long jam session parts.  I think they can do without those, or cut it short, or put in more complex guitar solos.  Just my two cents, but I like "Stay Useless" a lot.  We watch their set.  We grab some vegan treats from Babycakes, iced coffee from Handsome Coffee Roasters, and a smoothie.  We sit in the shade, then head to the main stage to watch Pains of Being Pure at Heart.  Love them!  Their set was sweet.  I loved hearing Young Adult Friction live.  That's my favorite song by them.  They have two songs left and I start to feel sick.  I thought the sun was bothering me, but I soon realize I'm really sick and I need to vomit.  I quickly start walking to the porta potties.  Gosh, it felt so far.  I start getting super dizzy.  At this point, I'm either going to faint, or I'm going to throw up in the middle of the festival and totally embarrass myself.  I start running and even cut a guy in line (so sorry).  I find an open porta potty and immediately barf.  Like everything.  It was so sad.  My body starts to hurt and I start to get chills really bad.  I'm like freezing cold.  I lie down on the grass to rest.  After all, the most important reason I came to FYF was to see Refused.  And it wasn't another like 5 hours til they go on.  I try desperately to recover.  I'm wearing three layers of clothes, and still cold.  I grab a powerade, since you're supposed to refill on electrolytes or something.  I go to the merch line.  The couple in front of me take forever.  I just need a freaking hoodie.  Then I'm in line to pay, and I realize that I'm about to throw up again.  I pay for my hoodie, grab my receipt.  The nearby bathrooms are all crowded and have lines.  I walk away from the merch booth, and right there in front of Origami Vinyl (sorry), I barf again.  Luckily, my sweet friend found me a trash can.  I throw up the little powerade I drank.  I start to accept the fact that I'm very sick and I need to go home and that I will not be able to see Refused tonight.  Sleigh Bells are on the main stage, and they sound great.  I wish I was dancing and feeling well, I wish I was taking lots of pictures with my friends and eating yummy foods.  But I was miserably unwell.  We leave the festival.  I'm flabbergasted by the situation and the timing of my illness.

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