Monday, August 16, 2010

We're out there having fun

Went to the Diesel Mad Decent Summer Block Party with Maluca and Andy Milonakis on Saturday. Overall, I had a good time: food trucks, photo booth, dunk tanks. Except, I dressed "summer-y" and it hasn't been too hot here in LA. So by about 6 P.M. it started to get chilly. That was the only bad part. I started wishing I wore my usual skinny jeans instead of shorts. But, it wasn't so bad. And I've had a crazy week last week, so it was a good thing they were giving out free Amp Energy drinks. Lots of stylish kids showed up. On our way out, we ran into Franki Chan, who I haven't seen in forever. Some photo credits go to my friend Berry.


  1. great photos and i love your youngest indie logo. x

  2. oh man, yeah i love him, not like that but music wise hahah.
    and hes gonna be playing in northern california and im gonna see him again!
    im stocked!