Sunday, May 16, 2010

When you're walking downtown, do you wish I was there

The first time I ever went to the Downtown Artwalk was back in September of 2008. And it was only because Bloodcat Love was playing a show at the Regent with works of Jason Lee Parry on exhibition. What a dream. I went another time since then, and then I went last week. My, how it has grown. It gets ridiculously crowded and the presence of food trucks are overwhelming. They turned what was once the main parking lot into a space for food, arts and crafts vendors. Whether the art is amazing or not, it has this undeniable creative energy that inspires you. It goes down the second Thursdays of every month, so check it out some time.

Pop/Lock Gallery - My favorite gallery of the evening. Take a big guess why.

The artist Doug Murphy aka plasticgod as Andy

I love this artist. I instantly recognized these little paintings from Diva and Lola's room as shown on The Selby. So simple, yet so perfectly cute and pop artsy. *Update: Thanks to PT for letting me know these are by Plasticgod.


  1. Those "simple, yet so perfectly cute and pop artsy" are by Plasticgod. I like the ziggy.

  2. I love artwalk too! I live in Downtown. Yes, it is so over crowded. I am always exited about the interesting people I see in the streets.