Friday, May 07, 2010

The ones you left behind are still with you my dear

We also went to Kyung Bok Palace. It was a clear day and it wasn't raining like the day before, but it was freezing cold. I'm so used to warm Southern California weather, it was really hard for me. I was literally wearing a tank top, long sleeve tee, wool sweater, wool cardigan, jacket, hat and scarf. Yeah, the other citizens of Korea were not dressed like me. I must've looked ridiculous in all those layers and still shivering unbearably. We watched the "changing of the guards" ceremony in front of the palace. These palaces are huge. You just walk around and explore and it's never ending. At Kyung Bok Palace, there is also a National Folk Museum.

On the last full day we spent there, we drove up to Im Jin Gak. This is as close to the North Korean border as you can get. It was kind of strange because they had all these carnival rides there, cute eateries, then you can walk up this boardwalk and look through telescopes towards the North. You can't see much, just mountains and trees and stuff. There are military tanks and fighter planes that were used during the Korean War to fight off the invasions. When we were driving back, you can see all the real military posts there. This trip was amazing and I just felt like it did a lot for my spirit and soul. Truly unforgettable experience for me.

Okay, so I uploaded a lot of the special pictures from my trip. I still have so many. When I have time I will edit them again and see if I should upload more. For now, I added few to my Flickr.

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