Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hymn and her

I seriously uploaded pictures and wrote this post last night. While rearranging the order of pictures, I accidentally deleted everything. Yeah, and I was sleepy so I went to sleep. Anyways, Saturday was the annual Eagle Rock Music Festival. Last week was really hot in the beginning, but by Friday it was grey. Saturday it rained. On our way there, it was raining. We found a perfect parking spot. I was excited about the cold weather. I got to wear my hat, my jacket, and my favorite boots are back. Right when we got to the main stage, Earlimart had just set up and was about to go on. Perfect timing. I love Earlimart. They're so good. Their sound is beautiful. It rained throughout their set, but that didn't bother me. I loved it actually. The wet streets, the dim lights, the smell of the wet Earth, the night air, the sounds of Earlimart. Then we went to check out another band at another stage. I liked one of their songs, but I was seriously so disappointed with their live performance that I didn't even take one picture of them. I left after one song in awe. I think they even knew they didn't sound so great. I mean, I go to a lot of shows, I'm obsessed with music. And when you're bad, man, it shows. It bothered me more that they were "dressed" like a "band", because they sure didn't sound like one. So I went to go get coffee at Swork, in true Eagle Rock fashion. Then we went to check out The Parson Redheads. I know they're well known in LA, but I still hadn't seen them. I really enjoyed their performance and they sounded great. All in all, this was a perfect night.


The Parson Redheads


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