Saturday, March 08, 2008

You can never want me the same way I want you.

I drew a quick sketch on Illustrator of this very stylish couple that I spotted outside the El Rey while waiting for our cars in the valet section. Normally, I could tell what brand the denim is by looking at the rivet or stitching on the back pockets, but I really had no idea what they were wearing. The guy was wearing red patent leather oxfords and the girl was wearing white oxfords. The girl's shoes are from Ben Sherman. I would know because I've been drooling over them since it first came out with Ben Sherman's new women's shoe line. I never got them.

I love Be Your Own Pet & The Raveonettes. So I was stoked when my friend bought me a ticket to the show. I've been wanting to see them for a very long time, but it just so happened that every time they were in town, I was depressed and not going out. Anyways, Jemina is so cute and fierce. I love how she moves. I am very particular about that when it comes to front girls. But she was definitely born to rock out. I love her. OMG. Anyone else notice her cute little makeover? Mostly black and white with lots of high waisted bottoms. Love it! She was wearing polka dot tights! Agh!!! She's perfect!

Halfway through BYOP's set, I noticed blood all over Nathan's bass. I guess he cut his right hand somehow. It was all bleeding but he kept playing anyway. How punk is that.

The Raveonettes are so good live. They sound exactly the same as their recordings. I like their drummer. How she has no kick drums! I decided I want that at home. Because I wanna play drums but the kick drums are always throwing me off. Sharin is stunning. She wore a black sequined dress that looked vintage. Sune was very hot with his cuffed up shirt sleeves. I love that look. It was a sold out show at the El Rey Theater. Had a great time thanks to my sweet cool stylish friend. :)

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