Saturday, March 01, 2008

You ain't born typical

I have an obsession with stripes. Especially vertical stripes. It screams rock and roll without being literal. (You don't need to wear a tee with guitar graphics on it to get a rocker look. That's almost cheesy.) I love those stripes in skinny pants, flares, and, of course, blazers. I have 2 blazers. I wish I had more, but it's really hard to find the perfect one. Or should I say, hard to find one that I can afford! So here I go again with why I should petition for TopShop to come to LA, or just move to the UK. Here are three jackets from TopShop. Peter Max rules. Oh, and I also "Yellow-Submarin"ed myself in illustrator. I wore that when I saw Interpol (blue/black verti stripe skinny pants with a Ben Sherman vert stripe blazer).

I usually freak out when I see a really good vertical stripe piece. I still clearly remember Steve Bays wearing this vertical stripe blazer back in 2005 at the Long Beach Arena when they opened for Weezer and the Foo Fighters. I literally freaked out over his jacket alone. The next day he wore this military-esque black vest. *sigh* Think he is my style soul mate.

**Last Saturday, I watched all the Oscar nominated animated short films at the theater. I absolutely loved it and was amazed at how wonderfully creative they were. I totally got "Madame Tutli Putli" but as soon as it was over, this woman said out loud, "Strange!" I beg to differ. "Peter and the Wolf" was so entertaining and so well made. I enjoyed it so much, I was screaming and laughing and almost crying. I was so happy it won. I totally agree. Go watch.

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