Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Are you hoping for a miracle

I had a pretty busy week, working.  I kinda overworked myself sick.  I almost did not make it to this show.  I got sick on Friday, and used Saturday to try and recover.  Ended up taking Dayquil Saturday and Sunday.  I've been working non stop and hadn't seen my friends in a while, we usually do like a summer thing.  I know summer is officially over, but we decided to check out this concert, it worked for everyone's schedule.  I wish I took more photos for the blog, but I wasn't feeling that great.  Ok, on with the show.

It was super cute.  There was free rollerskating at the patio.  We even got free lemonade, and my friends won seat cushions from Acura.  Ezra Furman was ok.  Bob Mould was great.  Bloc Party was also great.  What can I say, Bloc Party, so nostalgic, right?  Takes me back to my younger days, the mid 2000s, when we were all less social media/smart phone crazy, and "Banquet" was the song that got me out onto the dance floor, 100%.  They sang a mix of old and new.  They sang "Banquet" pretty early in their set.  But made everyone wait for "Helicopter" and really wait for one of my favorite songs "This Modern Love", which happened to be the last song of the night, as in their encore.  It was a really hot day, so it wasn't cold at night at all.  I hadn't been to the Hollywood Bowl in a long time, it felt so peaceful and beautiful.  So lovely.  Thankful to have amazing friends that get me.

Bob Mould!

Bloc Party!

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