Monday, February 21, 2011

I know the woods look dark and the trees they seem so deadly

My super, lovely, awesome, talented friend flew in for the weekend with her husband for the Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary art show that they helped put on. She did all the wonderful graphic designs for the t-shirts and stationery (see below). It was held at the historic Clifton's Cafeteria in Downtown LA. It was the perfect setting for this art exhibit. The line literally stretched all the way down the block. A lot of people came out, which was not surprising given the size of the TV show's cult-like following. I had a really good time and it was so nice to see my friend. I don't see her often since she moved, but she is always an inspiration to me. Not only is she super creative but she is so fun and has a positive beautiful energy.

Crystal bleeding deer by one of my favorite artists: Elizabeth McGrath (love her band Miss Derringer, too)


  1. loving that deer!

  2. LOVE YOU!!!!! xoxxooo I miss you so much cutie!