Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Most! The Best! The Greatest! Forever!

Paper Project LA is back. This time, it was on the Sunset Strip. You know how much I love that place. I decided to go and check it out, and also catch blackblack's set. This year, they had 24 different bands play. When I was walking to the store after I parked, I saw Becky Stark and her band, walking in my opposite direction, with their guitars. It was a beautiful sunny day in LA. It was a perfect photo moment, but I'm too shy to be an aggressive photographer. Anyways, back to the store. I walk in, and make a quick round, and I spot Brad from the Rachel Zoe project and I freak out. I don't have cable, but I bought all the episodes on iTunes and have been watching it over and over. Project Runway bores me, but I absolutely loved this show. I loved Brad's style. I wish more people dressed up around here. So I talked to him and met his friend Drew and took a quick pic. I didn't have any business cards with me, which is ridiculous, but I've been in a serious major funk lately (that I don't want to get into here). Also, I chatted with Kime Buzzelli for a little. She is so super rad and sweet in person. I love her artwork, her style, her blog, etc. I really admire her and she inspires me. I sure have a long way to go. We watched blackblack's set (minus Lola and Alex, sadly). I scored the yellow Jeremy Scott leggings for cheap, yay! Then we went over to Carney's for late lunch.

Jeff Koons towel, anyone?

So cute & adorable: Lola Dompe (I was sad she did not play drums for blackblack this day)

The one & only fabulous Kime Buzzelli!

These two gave me a really hard time when I tried to photo them for my other style blog. Which got me thinking I don't want to be a street style photographer like ever because I am way too shy, and I am a sensitive Pisces.

blackblack performing...

...and now, we go digging back into my photo archives to show you the first time I saw "blackblack" at the Echo on a beautiful crisp February day in 2006. It was pretty empty before the bands went on, so everyone was sitting on the floor. Tennessee Thomas made us all play "don't let the balloon touch the ground". She is so cute. And Cory Kennedy was still hanging out with Mark Hunter back then. Here is a pic I took:

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