Monday, June 16, 2008

Who knows why the love you need will always pass you by

The Fratellis @ The Key Club 6/15/08

Exactly one year since I've seen them, I got to see them again at one of my favorite venues. I just got their new album and it's really good. They played a lot of new songs like "Mistress Mabel", "Acid Jazz Singer", "My Friend John", "Look Out Sunshine", and "Tell Me A Lie". Of course, they played old favorites like "Henrietta", "Whistle for the Choir", "Chelsea Dagger", and more. But I think the highlight for me was when they played "Babydoll". It was beautiful. I absolutely was in love with that song. It was tons of fun dancing and singing along. God knows how much I've needed this as I've been so overwhelmed at work lately and burnt out.

Driving to the show, the streets were really empty, but every bar was packed and purple and gold balloons were everywhere. ;)

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