Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just because it's real don't mean it's gonna work

*Drew this on Illustrator about a month ago.
Yesterday, for work, we went to the LA Textile Show. I was sad to see how small it became. I blame it on imports and overseas production. Felt so many things yesterday but I'd rather not pour my heart out on a blog. Saw lots of familiar faces that helped me through my early assistant designer days. We also saw Santino hanging out. The bookstore there was having a huge sale. I scored some amazing books for ridiculously cheap prices. Including a book about Edie Sedgewick with so many wonderful pictures in a beautiful hardcover book. I love fashion/art/culture books. They are just too expensive and I am already struggling with space for my magazines. This made me happy. Then we all got smoothies. There's nothing like wearing "buyer" badges, carrying a bag full of new books, tons of new business cards, and walking down the street to the parking lot in the warm California sun.

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