Thursday, October 25, 2007

The easiest things are so hard

Just got back from the Interpol mini-concert at the Jimmy Kimmel show. Aren't they just smashing, darling? Such characters, such style would inspire me to write a novel...

Last night I went to the David Yurman men's collection party at the Paramour Estate. The Bravery played a set. It was great. The guests parked at KCET and we all took shuttles to the mansion. Paramour was wonderful. The night air, the amazing view... The jewelry was beyond. Watched the Bravery front row. Because that's where I like to dance. Took lots of pics but my camera, or my battery, is dying. I need a new camera or battery.

Today I was sitting at work. It was a pretty busy day. I felt really depressed today. It was weird. But anyways, I was sitting at work, and I realized I really could've done better with my outfit last night. I just threw on anything. I think I'm still sleep deprived and jet lagged. Well, too busy and too tired to look my best I guess, which is a darn shame because I'm a designer/stylist. Why is it that everything matters so much when you're young? I can't wait to be like 30something and be mellowed out because I just don't give a damn anymore and have given up all my silly dreams. When you're 20something, everything's just so intense. All your emotions.. or maybe it's just me.

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  1. Anonymous2:32 PM

    I totally agree. I feel like I'm living the like of a 30something yr old woman but with the mind and passion of a 20something yr old. How I look determines how I feel 90% of the time. The smallest details seem so intense and it can really burn you out sometimes.