Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Je veux te voir

Way back in the days when I was in college, we took a class trip to the American Apparel headquarters. Now, this was before American Apparel took over the world. When I went, they were doing mostly licensed products. And now, they're everywhere. I think it's really cool what they stand for. Sweatshop-free clothing. Anyways, don't you love this girl? She's so fierce! This one's dedicated to none other than AA, their thigh-high socks, sexy shorts, basic jerseys, and their terry headband.

Oh, and about the title. I like that song by Yelle. I first heard about her a while ago on Fred Flare. I like dance-able songs. Plus, she rocks polos with shorts with bright tights, leg warmers, and heels. Awesome French pop.

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