Wednesday, January 03, 2007

So you were born in an electrical storm

Welcome to 2007! Here's to the first post of the year! Honestly, I've been working on this one for a while. When I actually sat down to color, my palms were sweaty and I was so nervous. I think there's more pressure when you're trying to draw someone so perfect. I think Damian is so perfect in all areas, it's pretty much ridiculous. He's like unreal, in a good way. Plus, drawing four guys together, if I mess up even on one person's nose, or some other detail, I'd have to start ALL over again. But here it is! I actually knew of OK GO before their big backyard dance and amazing treadmill skills. I was bummed when their show with The Redwalls at the Roxy was sold out in 2005 (and I missed a Spaceland show). But I got to see them in December 2005 at the Roxy, so it was cool. I'm working on another okgo concept for a post, but you probably won't see that for a while. But, worry not, I have lots of other things I want to show you! So happy new year and come back soon!

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