Saturday, December 23, 2006

Don't ask me how I've been

OK Go @ The Roxy. December 2005

It's the Holidays! I have been busy, sick, and stressed. Just like all of you! Therefore I had no time to work on any new artwork. So here is my gift to you! Tons of pictures of OK GO! Below is a mix of shows I've been to (two Troubadour shows and the most recent show at Safari Sam's!) I must say the show this past Tuesday at Safari Sam's was amazing! I think one of Damian's most energetic and wild performance ever. I really enjoyed it. It was a bit of a dejavu for me since I saw Damian last year in December and he was wearing the same shirt. I love that shirt. Blame my job, but I want to measure the width of his cuff. Just by eyeballing it, I think it must be around 6 inches. It was one of the best shows ever! I was very happy. Oh, Damian, why must you be so perfect?

Last week, my boss sent me out to run errands: buying patches and some fabric. I hadn't been out to the fabric and trim stores in Downtown in so long. It felt really nice to leave work extra early and walk around Downtown by myself. It was just like during my school days when I used to go there every weekend. I ended up buying charms and trims for myself. I've been making bracelets as gifts lately.

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