Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I wish you would tell me how you really feel

I'm kind of behind on my blogging. Couple weekends ago, we went to the Make Music Pasadena festival. An annual free event full of awesome bands. This was my first time going. Previous years, The Raveonettes and Plastiscines played. I wanted to see them but it was literally over 90 degrees and I remember just staying home. This year, it wasn't too hot. It had been June gloom grey skies all week, until the day of the festival. I was expecting the same, but the sun came out and it got pretty warm in there, in that crowd, with the sun beating down on us. I remembered why I don't really like to go to these things. Too crowded, chaos, too hot, short sets, lots of waiting, porta potties. Yeah. Well, with that being said, I still had a nice time I guess. This was my fifth time seeing The Morning Benders. Definitely better to see them at a headline show, instead of a free event. Best Coast was fun. There were lots of fans and it got super crowded. A little too crowded with uncomfortable lack of personal space. I don't know. It gets crazy crowded at the shows I go to, but the vibe is different. I just don't like big events like this. But I'm still glad I went. Oh, and need I even talk about the unnecessary long pauses caused by crowds blocking the pathways and police shutting down the performance until it cleared? Oh, gawd...

The Morning Benders

Best Coast


Happy Summer!

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