Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's alright if you wanna come back to me

In case I didn't whine enough already, they have blocked all streaming music at work since late last summer. Before they blocked it, I would listen to NME Radio (since WOXY left me). I actually like not knowing what song will play next. That's why I can't always listen to only my ipod. Revisiting past favorites or discovering new music makes me incredibly happy. Anyways, right before they blocked it, I heard a song that I really liked. They didn't say the artist's name, so I figured I could memorize the lyrics and google it. Google I did, but no results. I constantly googled it and youtubed it, but nothing. How on earth will I figure it out? Fast forward many months later, I'm still thinking about that song. I search for it again, and it comes up! The Vaccines. Yes, they were playing a show in LA! I plan to go. I start getting anxious and just buy my tickets online. As expected, it sold out. Yes, I've been seeing them in my magazines. I've been really behind in reading my latest magazines. I've been sick for a few days before the show. I almost can't make it to the show. After a hard day at work, I come home and lay in bed. Later, I find my Nylon Magazine and finally read the article. I feel better. I miraculously make it to the show. And had the best time ever. Not a single song I don't like. Can't wait for the album.

Sorry for the dark, blurry pictures. I was not on it. Also, I need a new camera.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I've got a sense of urgency. I've gotta make this happen.

With a fresh new album out, White Lies played a sold out show at the Troubadour to eager and happy fans. With an addition of a new guitarist, Giant Drag opened. It's been several years since I happened to see them at Spaceland. They have a new album coming out. I know they've had quite the following here in LA. Then, White Lies took the stage and played a really strong set. Everything sounded great, as usual. They played their new songs such as "Strangers", "Bad Love", and "Streetlights" from Ritual. The crowd danced to old favorites such as "Death" and "Farewell to the Fairground". We enjoyed the show very much.

Giant Drag

White Lies

White Lies new album Ritual out now

Monday, January 24, 2011

How are things on the West Coast

Part 2 of my day at LACMA. I finally got to see the Fashioning Fashion Exhibit. I love mens fashion and also want to bring lace fans back. We ended the day with a late lunch at Canter's Deli. The lighting and interior made me feel like I was in an Eggleston photo. I ate yummy vegetable soup, sweet potato fries, pickles, and chocolate phosphate. They also have an amazing bakery. We took home some eclairs and devoured them later that evening.

You wear those shoes like a dove

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I didn't take no shortcuts

It's been Spring weather in winter in Los Angeles lately. To take full advantage of the beautiful weather, while being worried about global warming at the same time, I decided to take full advantage because I have a feeling it will get cold again. What better way to spend a lovely Saturday than to go to LACMA and hang out with the artworks of Koons, Warhol, and Eggleston.

Film photography is beautiful. I am in love with his work.