Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just because it's real don't mean it's gonna work

*Drew this on Illustrator about a month ago.
Yesterday, for work, we went to the LA Textile Show. I was sad to see how small it became. I blame it on imports and overseas production. Felt so many things yesterday but I'd rather not pour my heart out on a blog. Saw lots of familiar faces that helped me through my early assistant designer days. We also saw Santino hanging out. The bookstore there was having a huge sale. I scored some amazing books for ridiculously cheap prices. Including a book about Edie Sedgewick with so many wonderful pictures in a beautiful hardcover book. I love fashion/art/culture books. They are just too expensive and I am already struggling with space for my magazines. This made me happy. Then we all got smoothies. There's nothing like wearing "buyer" badges, carrying a bag full of new books, tons of new business cards, and walking down the street to the parking lot in the warm California sun.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

All you need is me

After being sick all last weekend, and always working so many hours, it's hard to get anything done around here. I'm usually exhausted by Friday. Then I have only two days to run errands and stuff. I woke up early today and got a lot done. It was so hot today that the combination of heat and then indoors full blast AC gave me a major headache. Took a trip to the fabric store, which is always inspiring and overwhelming for me. It sucks to go fabric/trim shopping on a Saturday because my favorite trim store is closed during the weekend. Still didn't get as much done. Tomorrow will be another hectic day.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Everything I deserve today is going to come true

The first time I ever saw Louis XIV was at the Troubadour in 2004, opening for The Killers. I really liked their sound. After the show, I saw them hanging out outside so I walked up to them and told them they were good. I remember them giving me this sampler CD. (The pictures were taken with a disposable Kodak camera! Sadly, I have no idea where the film is.)

When I took this out to reminisce, I noticed it had "Hopesick Music Publishing" printed on it. As you may know, their brand new album has a track called "Hopesick", and a very good song may I add.

Earlier this year in February, I saw them twice. Then they did a headline show at the Avalon on April 4, 2008. It was a super fun great amazing show. The most important thing I can say is that their live performance and their music are awesome. Every time I see them, it makes me want to see them more and more. That's when you know the band is really good. And I used to (yes, used to) go to a lot of shows. Only a few bands leave me with that feeling. So, yes, Louis XIV is probably my new favorite band. I would've taken more pictures but I was too busy dancing. Aren't they just super sexy?

...and some cell phone pics from the Wiltern Feb. 2008